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Routine Services & Affordable Specials for Your Car in Canton

When you own a car in Lindale, you need to provide the proper maintenance for it so that it will run as it should. Suppose you're unsure of how to perform maintenance. In that case, you can visit I20 CDJR so that someone in the service department can look at your car and perform a few basic services, like oil changes and brake repair.  These are usually done on a schedule throughout the year or every few years, depending on how often you drive and the type of car that you have.

Oil Change

A common service performed on cars is an oil change. A mechanic will look at the type of oil that your car needs before changing the filter and the oil, as some vehicles could use synthetic while others can use traditional types of the liquid.

Wiper Blades

If you're driving on the roads in Athens in the rain and notice that your windshield wipers just don't clear the water off the glass as they should, then you should consider taking your vehicle to our dealership so that someone can replace them. This service only takes a few minutes to complete and is often performed after the winter season as ice and snow can quickly deteriorate the blades.

Air Filter

The service department at our dealership can also replace the air filter in your vehicle as well, allowing air to flow freely so that the vehicle's performance isn't inhibited.


Even if you don't need new tires, you should have your tires rotated as part of your routine maintenance. If you notice issues with your vehicle veering to one side of the road or the other in Terrell, or if you see that one tire doesn't have as much air as the others, then you should consider having them checked.  We can perform an alignment or examine your tires for any debris that might be stuck in them that would cause an air leak.

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When you take your car to our I20 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealership, you can save on all of these services and more.  Contact us to learn more and click to schedule your next service appointment online from your home in Longview.

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