Lifted trucks offer a unique blend of capability and style. In the Longview area, lift trucks have become more and more popular. That's because these vehicles are better able to deal with challenging terrain and changes in the weather. Here is a look at different types of lifted trucks and SUVs available.

Lifted Dodge SUVs

Dodge SUVs offer lots of horsepower for your money. With a lifted Dodge Durango, Lindale drivers can take that horsepower and add some unique capability with the lift kit. This will give the SUV amazing speed and ground clearance to handle some of the most demanding terrains on the planet.

Lifted RAM trucks

Nothing quite makes an impression like a lifted truck. One of the top trucks that are ideal for lift kits is RAM trucks. That's because RAM focuses almost exclusively on making big, capable trucks. When Terrell drivers add a lift kit to the mix, they have a truck that can pretty much go anywhere and do whatever the driver pleases. Also, lifted trucks have a unique style that makes these vehicles stand out from the crowd.

Lifted Jeep SUVs and Trucks

Jeeps are already some of the most capable vehicles on the planet. With a lifted Wrangler, Cherokee or Grand Cherokee, these Jeeps models are truly in a class on their own. Without the lift kit, many Jeep models are already trail rated and have high ground clearance. The lift-kit adds more ground clearance and gives the vehicle the room to navigate over larger rocks and forage through deeper water.

It should also be noted that Jeep makes a Gladiator truck. This truck offers a unique style. With the lift kit, the Gladiator will not only have some incredible capability, but it will also be one of the most unique vehicles on Tyler area roads.

At I20 Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram near Athens, you can find a full collection of lifted trucks and SUVs from Dodge, Jeep and RAM in our new inventory. These lift kits have been professionally installed at the dealership and come with their own warranty. If you are interested in a test drive, please contact the dealer today.

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