New VS Used - Differences & Benefits

So, you're in the market for a new vehicle but you're wondering about the upsides of buying new or used? Not to fret! Hopefully, we'll be able to clear up some of that confusion for you!

Why Buy New?

Right off the bat, buying new is an advantage because you know the vehicle you're buying is brand-new. No previous owners, no underlying issues, every part is new and in proper working condition. Plus, Canton and Terrell drivers are getting a vehicle that's backed up by a new vehicle warranty. Additionally, if you buy new, you're getting the latest features and tech! Ensure that your smartphone works with the infotainment system - or at the very least that your vehicle most likely has an infotainment system included with it! Buying new is about knowing the vehicle isn't a mystery. You know what you're getting.

Why Buy Used?

Athens and Canton drivers have likely heard about depreciation. That thing that happens as soon as you drive off the lot - your vehicle starts to lose value right away. When you buy used, the biggest deprecation hit has already occurred! The buyer that purchased your now used vehicle originally took the depreciation hit. This helps Lindale drivers in several ways. Drivers might be able to sell back a used vehicle for near what they purchased it for. Another way it helps is with financing. Drivers might be able to find good financing since the vehicle will likely retain its value.

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